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Stash Swap!

Is anyone interested in getting together sometime in about a month or so and swapping stash items? I've been decluttering, and I know I have lots of quilting fabric and other fabric scraps that can go. I also have lots of acrylic baby yarn, perfect for charity crafting for American babies.

We should set a place and time and make a party of it!
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CiP plans for this week?

What's the plan this week? I know rosierevolution is going to be MIA on Saturday, and I think I've got something on Sunday night.

I know I'm up for the crafty love on Saturday after 4, and maybe earlier in the day Sunday (I'd need to finish by 5 or so). Thoughts about times and locations?


Hey yall! I had a great time at Uprise the other night, and I'm looking forward to doing it again. Talking about True/False reminded me on a project I worked on last year with David Wilson. My mother and I knitted the scarf featured in the music video for the Gena Rowlands Band that he directed. It took us around two weeks to knit four six foot scarf sections (I made three), and later my friend Ms. Supan added on matched color fabric to make it appear longer for the video. I never saw the completed video with music added until now! Check it out on the tube of yous!

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